Being Single is okay boo…

to be honest....

Yea I’m single but I know ABSOLUTELY, EXACTLY! What I want. I can say, with the upmost confidence, that I want someone who can match me. I know that’s a bit cliché and general—but I know EXACTLY what I mean by it and I hold any man that I talk to, to that standard.

This doesn’t mean I don’t entertain those ignorant to my personal philosophy. This simple means that they’ve missed their opportunity to move forward in the direction that I am going.

Let me break this down a bit.

 What I mean by I want someone who “matches me”, is that I want someone to possess the same energy that I do, match my intention to date with a PURPOSE and take the time to get to know me. I don’t think that’s a hard ask and you shouldn’t either.

Too often we reduce ourselves and submit to uncomfortable situation with men.

 For example, caution, I’M ABOUT TO BE BRUTALLY REAL!, we skip the dating phase and go straight to Netflix and Chill. We bypass all of the red flags, ignore all of the overly explicit conversations too early on AND we validate their inability to go on a proper date EVEN in cases where we make the initial effort.

These are early signs sis! Do not ignore them!

Babe, this may be hard to believe BUT whether this guy– that you just met– may be the man for you is evident in his action during the first 72 hours of communication. Sis I hear you! You’re wondering how you can know his true intentions so early on?! ITS ALL IN THE WAY THAT HE SPEAKS TO YOU!

Is he trying to get to know you or trying to get IN you! “But girl these dudes lie through their teeetthhhhh!” Yea, that may be true but how many times has your intuition told you that was his angle? How many times have you ignored it and told yourself you’re thinking too deep? Nah sis! You weren’t thinking deep enough.

Stop fighting yourself, stop ignoring your intuition, and hold fast to your expectations and requirements AND most importantly, DON’T LOWER YOUR STANDARDS! 

Any man that thinks that your standards are too high, shouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet them in the first place.

Let’s talk next moves! 

Sometimes we have to reevaluate our relationship goals just as we do with financial goals and life goals. Sit down with your pen and paper and identify what you really want and write down what your ideal relationship feels like and when a new guy comes in or out of your life refer back to that same piece of paper, pinpoint exactly where he didn’t fit and ACCEPT the fact that he wasn’t for you. 

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